5 Types of Apps That Can Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Save Time

Time is a precious commodity for entrepreneurs and small
business owners. According to polls, most small business owners report working
at least 50 hours per week, and 25% report working more than 60 hours per week.
If running your company is consuming all your free time, consider investing in
these time-saving apps.

1. Productivity Apps

All businesses experience some amount of organizational drag, which is a name for processes that impede productivity.
Productivity software can provide the support you need to overcome this
problem. Serene is a macOS application that can help you and your staff get
into deep work and make the best use
of your time. The program utilizes a version of the Pomodoro technique that
prompts you to establish a single goal and then break that goal into multiple
tasks. This helps eliminate distractions and keeps your team fresh.

2. Point-of-Sale Apps

Point-of-sale apps make it easier to process customer orders
and payments. These apps are customizable to meet the specific needs of your
enterprise. Square is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly POS system. It is an ideal
choice for restaurants, retail businesses, and professional services. As a new business owner, you
will like its quick setup and easily understood fees.

You can use your smartphone, register or wireless reader to
process transactions and payments on the app. You can also use Square to handle
your customer loyalty program, set up an online store, accept gift cards, manage your
staff and facilitate curbside pickups.

3. Financial Tracking Apps

Accurate financial tracking is critical for any company. QuickBooks Online is one of
the most popular accounting packages. Because of its widespread use, you can
easily find bookkeepers and accountants who support this software, and
Quickbooks is scalable to accommodate a growing business. You can access the
cloud-based version from anywhere you can connect to the internet. 

Keeping track of your finances usually involves dealing with
a lot of paperwork. A mobile scanning app can help you quickly send documents from your smartphone, saving you time and making it easier
to stay organized.

4. Project Management Apps

Managing all the various projects you have going on at any
given time can be a challenge. Project management software makes it easier to keep track of progress, assign resources
and collaborate with your team. Asana features the ability to track and assign
an unlimited number of projects. You can store up to 100 MB of files on the
free version. The software makes it possible to collect all of your team’s work
into one shared space. The software’s timeline features help you with planning
and task management.

5. Travel Apps

Managing a company can involve a lot of traveling for meetings with clients, conferences, and business deals.
Travel apps can help you keep your itinerary organized; book flights, rental
cars and hotels; find your way around new cities; and make the most of your
downtime at airports. TripIt builds a master itinerary from your various flight
details, meeting arrangements and hotel bookings. It is free to use and works
no matter where you book. To use the app, just forward your email confirmations
to plans@tripit.com.

Running a business takes hard work and long hours. If you
are finding yourself burnt out trying to stay on top of everything, these apps
can free up valuable time that you can use to recharge.

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