Finding the Perfect Coach to Help Accelerate Your Business

Successful individuals in various fields extol the value of a seasoned business coach. According to WMP, around 25 to 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies hire executive coaches to help their businesses continue to grow. Still, the upfront cost in time and money may put off some burgeoning entrepreneurs. These guidelines provide a balanced consideration to decide if a business coach is right for you and how to find the best guidance.

Do You Even Need a Business Coach?

Recent statistics show that billions of dollars are invested in coaching yearly, and despite economic shifts, the number continues to grow; in fact, there are approximately 1.5 million monthly online searches by people and businesses looking for business coaches or consultants. If you’re not taking advantage of the wisdom and experience of a coach, you can rest assured that many of your competitors are. A lack of knowledge can be more costly than the dollars spent to hire an experienced trainer.

Signals that you should immediately look for an instructor include frustration, loneliness, and burnout, possibly because you lack a strategic plan. Roughly 20 percent of businesses close within the first year of being open, so having a strategy can help you avoid becoming another small-business statistic. A coach can assist you in crafting a business plan that defines your company’s vision, character, and unique selling proposition. The plan must outline the company structure and how it will change with team growth. Detail the required funding and the private and public sources for that funding. Your plan should also calculate financial forecasts for at least three to five years. Specify your ideal client and how you’ll market and sell to them.

When the company is running smoothly, it’s still an excellent time to find a coach. A counselor is an outstanding investment while business is booming because an attentive outside perspective can keep you from becoming complacent. The long list of once successful companies that faltered into oblivion often results from not taking time to isolate and document which processes work best.

How Can You Decide on the Ideal Coach?

A web search is a perfect place to compare coaching services. Read blogs and watch any videos to grasp a coach’s style. Most coaches ask for a consultation before accepting new clients, so don’t be afraid to book a complimentary conversation where you can get more details on other clients’ success stories and testimonials.

Solicit recommendations from your industry peers and professional groups. Search for an instructor who has a compatible communication style and personality. No matter how successful the trainer is, if you can’t get along with or respect the person, you won’t benefit from your sessions, wasting valuable time and money.

Visit seminars and webinars where trainers are likely to speak or network. At in-person seminars, set a goal of meeting and engaging with at least three to five new people who can expand your network and lead you to your ideal coach. At online events, request the contact of at least 10 individuals to follow up later and learn where you can locate a coach or mentor.

Should You Change Your Business Coach?

You may need to upgrade to a coach at a higher tier as you progress. Just as a collegiate athlete needs more advanced training once she moves into professional sports, a business owner who moves from solopreneur to a middle-sized firm to a large enterprise needs a coach or mentor that fits the desired level.

Should You Update Your Resume?

After working with a business coach, it is important to update your resume. This is because a business coach will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. They will also help you to set goals and create a plan to achieve them. As a result, your resume should reflect your new skills and accomplishments. In addition, a business coach can help you to identify new opportunities that you may be qualified for. Updating your resume is the best way to make sure that potential employers are aware of your new skills and qualifications. The easiest way to update your resume is to use a resume builder. Resume generators allow you to input your information and then generate a professional-looking resume in minutes. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that your resume is up-to-date and reflects your new skills and qualifications.

Every entrepreneur needs specialized guidance and training — even when it comes to determine what to include on your resume! When you consistently work with the right business coach, your company can accelerate to its ultimate potential. And if you’re looking for a coach, can help you find the right choice.

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