Coachwares VIRTUAL Launch Party 2021

The Exclusive Online Coaching Marketplace For Coaches, Consultants, Trainers & Mentors to sell their Products, Services and Courses.


About the event

Coachwares Online Coaching Marketplace has been in beta release since November 2020.   It is ready to see the light of day and begin “Spotlighting a Coach’s Brilliance” to the world.

Come join us on ZOOM, August 26, 2021 at 9AM (PST), to Launch the Marketplace.  We have lined up a number of speakers/coaches to share their expertise with you during the inaugural event.  Door prizes will be randomly drawn during the event**. 

Coachwares Marketplace is an exclusive marketplace dedicated solely to offering products and services for businesses in the coaching industry.

We want to be the place both coaches, consultants, trainers, mentors, etc. come to sell their “coaching wares” and clients come to search for and find that perfect coach.

Signup today as space is limited.  You don’t want to miss out on any special deals!

** Must be present to win door prizes.

Guest Speakers

James “The Nowist” has spent his entire life working with individuals to large organizations to achieve extraordinary goals. Innovation is about the disruption of business as usual and “3D Thinking.”

Dr. Renee is passionate about helping you find, develop and embrace your best relationships possible. This all begins with the relationship with you have with yourself and extends outward.

Dr. Marianne’s expertise is in teaching children with Dyslexia to read in a very short period of time.  She coaches parents & educators on proper techniques.

Eric is a Co-Founder of Coachwares Marketplace and believes every professional must have an online course to “Spotlight their Brilliance.” 

Sherie coaches high achievers who want to be the best version of themselves. Helping clients  achieve maximum performance.

Patty helps reboot your life & business with clear and proven techniques via an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle and maximizes your goals.

Earlene removes the chaos from virtual events so speakers shine. The event will create raving fans that share the message with the world.

Jim is the CEO Chef who coaches Corporate Team Experiential Training & Team Building, Organizational Leadership Development, etc.

I Coach Entrepreneurs to Book More Business, so They Can Boost Their Bottom Line and Ultimately Impact More Lives, through Headlines, Landing Pages, and Email Copywriting.

Linda is a Mental Health Professional focused in Counseling from Moravian Theological Seminary.   She coaches her clients with guided meditation.

Ruke helps build business’ that honors your family, passions, and finances through creative marketing strategies and brand awareness.

"Last November I was working to add e-commerce capabilities to my website to sell my new product offerings. At about the time I was ready to throw my computer at the wall, due to the complexities of the e-commerce plugins, I was introduced to the founders at Coachwares and my frustrations were ended. An Etsy-like site for coaches and consultants - what a great idea!!"
John Hollier
President - Think Plan Execute
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Coachwares VIRTUAL Launch Party Registration

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