Business Algebra™ 101

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BUSINESS ALGEBRA™: (def.) The numbers that define your business and how to use them to measure and manage your business activities.

Get a handle on your short-term goals, KPIs, and finances.

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What you measure, you can manage!

THINK how much easier it would be to EXECUTE day-to-day if you had a clear roadmap, performance indicators, and budget (a PLAN) for your business.

Implement Business Algebra™ to:

  • Get CLARITY about where to focus your efforts
  • Clearly communicate the STRUCTURE of your plan to employees, subcontractors, partners, vendors, etc.
  • Measure your progress towards the RESULTS you desire, so you can:
    • Celebrate your successes
    • Quickly identify potential roadblocks/issues

THINK PLAN EXECUTE‘s BUSINESS ALGEBRA™ 101 Workshop takes you through the following steps:

  1. Understand how you are measuring your business today and what tools you are using to track and report on those measurements and manage different outcomes.
  2. Define the scope of your Workshop outputs:
    1. Timeframe
    2. Major business goal(s) in that Timeframe
  3. Define the major deliverables and milestones for all of the activities defined in (2) and capture them as your Task Plan in a task management tool.
  4. Define the resource requirements (i.e., time, people, tools, money, etc.) to complete the deliverables and milestones defined in (3).
  5. Create your Financial Projection (for your defined Workshop Timeframe) that incorporates all the resource requirements of the Task Plan and captures them in a financial management tool.
  6. Define the “key performance indicators” (KPIs) which you will monitor to track your business’ ongoing performance.

The Workshop is set up as 3 two-hour guided sessions, and comes with a supporting Quick Reference and templates.

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2 reviews for Business Algebra™ 101

  1. Abram Siegel-Rivers (verified owner)

    I went from being terrified of creating a budget to being empowered and excited to bring into reality new opportunities, products, and services to serve people and communities around the world. John took my vision of a mass-scale project for my nonprofit and he showed me how to break it down into manageable parts and he demystified the paralyzing uncertainty of what to focus on next.

    Where I felt blocked before in approaching my budgeting, timetables, financial projections, sales, production costs & expenses, he made it all easy to understand and he showed me how to look at all the data and make calculated business assumptions that has given me and my leadership a whole new realm of confidence, freedom and ease.

    John shared powerful tools that have given me clarity with a bird-eye-view perspective and understanding of the operations of my organization and has allowed me to lead powerfully and effectively. He showed me how to measure, model, and scale the growth of my nonprofit and take my big vision and break it up into deliverables on a timetable and create order where there was chaos before. Now I can share my vision, budget, projections, and timetables with confidence and fully articulate them with members of my team as well as new potential donors, investors, clients, and partners.

    John is more than generous with his time during each session, and he always goes above and beyond to make sure I am empowered and taking effective action moving forward. I highly recommend working with John if you want to discover a whole new clarity and perspective of your business that will empower you to take new actions beyond where you’ve been stopped and have had barriers in the past. You will experience your mission and vision coming to life and how to lead and make powerful and effective actions based on a new clear understanding.

  2. HenryK (verified owner)

    Before Business Algebra 101, I was basically “winging it” in my business. I went through each week not knowing my exact sales goal or even which product to focus on. As for expenses? They never crossed my mind until the end of the month.

    But after going through this program, everything is aligned in my business. Now I have my sales and marketing activities planned out months in advance! Plus, I’m able to project my future expenses so I can plan accordingly.

    The best part is John broke it down and made it easy for me, working 1-on-1 to answer any questions I had. Not to mention the outstanding budgeting templates he shared with me.

    Bottom line is Business Algebra 101 has made a tremendous impact on my business. If you’re a business owner – whether brand new or veteran – I highly recommend this program. Thanks, John!

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