Limitless Possibilities Exist – If you can THINK INSIDE THE BOX

$597.00 / month and a $997.00 sign-up fee

This is about HOW to Think… not… WHAT to Think!

This course will help you to identify what can be done NOW to discover new opportunities on your Journey to Bright Ideas and make considerable money doing it. It includes 1hr group coaching every week & unlimited digital communications. 

Considering that my hourly rate for consultations with corporate clients is $7500 per hour, this is an incredible offer.

Exclusive Limited Time Offer – First 10 people get this SALE PRICE, then it’s gone forever!

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If you need more information than what the was in the video then read…

If you have gotten this far, you are probably asking yourself, “Why would I pay $997 down and $597 a month to get assistance from Feldman?” “What is my ROI?”

First let me say that I have never offered this course for this low of a price.  This is a very exclusive & limited time offer for the first 10 people.  We are doing this as a promotion for our new store on the Coachwares Marketplace Platform.

With that said…

I have spent my entire life working with individuals and organizations to achieve extraordinary goals. Most engagements come from corporations with bigger pocketbooks.

However, during the pandemic, most companies stopped innovative problem solving and focused on cost-cutting. Having some extra time on my hands, I wrote my 13th book. It was in the works for over five years, but life keeps getting in the way of its completion. I had hundreds of pages of notes, dozens of interviews, and lots and lots of questions as to how to distill what I learned and apply it to entrepreneurs.

My book is a toolbox, a resource manual, a reference that can save you hours of wasted time. But we know that often a book that turns into a movie is more entertaining and often more relevant.

So, I created this course. You’ll get the book for free, get one-on-one coaching, and be invited to a weekly virtual meeting to discuss how to apply these principles to your specific business challenges.

I call it my M.B.A. curriculum. Massive Bank Account.

I promise your ROI will deliver a return on ideas that will validate your participation and investment. Let me be clear if you are not willing to ‘shift’ how you think, don’t waste your time or mine. I am committed
to your success. You don’t have to believe me. Check out what others have said about working with me and my team.

To demonstrate some of the insights, here is just a sample of what you can expect.


As we emerge from the pandemic and get back to ‘life,’ there are more people than ever looking for support to:

·      get back on their feet financially

·      send their kids back to school,

·      get back to their jobs,

·      start or rebuild their businesses,

·      protect or improve their health,

·      improve (or create) relationships affected by isolation and quarantine,

·      get back on track for living (and loving) life.

What does this mean for you?

It means that people need you!

Now is the time to help in ALL the ways you are passionate about serving others!

NOW is the time to reach out, make connections with your clients and prospects, and help them get back to life in all the ways that are important to them.

Introduction to 3D Thinking

💡 Do you need to discover new solutions?

💡 Do you need to overcome challenges?

💡 Could you benefit from new, improved, innovative thinking skills?

💡 Would you like proven processes and systems that stimulate better ideas in less time?

💡 Do you need better tools to discover new opportunities (while using existing resources) and the ability to annihilate the competition, deliver new products and services, take charge of your future, all while saving time and money?

3D Thinking™ = Depth + Distance + Determination

In this course we will define, describe and explain how to implement these 3 key concepts so that
you can offer your products and services to your customers who:

💡 Want better results.

💡 Want better outcomes.

💡 Want the product of your product, not the product itself.

 For you and your business:

💡 Emphasize the key to innovation is to become aware of the overlooked connections between actions and consequences.

💡 Discover what other options the Customer is considering.

💡 Collaborate with the Customer to establish value.

💡 Listen to what the Customer says they want and deliver what they need.

💡 Never voluntarily offer to reduce your prices. If you’re asked to provide a price reduction, reduce value first.

💡 Psychologically, higher fees create higher value and naturally greater profits for you.

💡 Make sure they know the full range of your services.

💡 Customers like you best when you function as a thinker—An Independent Problem-Solver with Innovative SOLUTIONS!

💡 3D Thinking means your business climate is open to innovation and creativity and willing to implement next-generation approaches. Your challenge is to find ways to deliver it to them.


Innovation is about the disruption of business as usual or standard operating procedures. Innovation creates collisions. It is about creating a vision where others are not looking, capture what others are not seeing, and applying innovative problem solving to increase profitability.

What’s one big idea worth to you?

If you can’t make more than 5-10x$997

then don’t sign up for this course.





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