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Coaches – Do your clients need help to enhance their capacity for intimate, loving relationship?  The Love Factor Inventory (LFI) can help.  Get certified today.

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LFI Backstory

Can We Measure Love?

Lacrecia Randell, Yvonne Bustamanti on the LFI

  • Do your clients need help to enhance their capacity for intimate, loving relationship?
  • Would you like a scientifically validated assessment tool to help you identify your clients’ strengths and weaknesses with regards to their capacity for love?
  • Would you like an accurate and structured way to help couples enhance their communication and deepen their intimacy?

Benefits for Clients

  • The LFI will show you how to consciously transform your life and relationships.
  • Learn to peel away the layers that separate you from your greatest self.
  • Evolve from a sense of isolation and separation to a realization of oneness.
  • The LFI is a powerful tool to help you move from ego consciousness to soul consciousness.
  • Discover what keeps you from greater fulfillment and happiness.
  • Learn to overcome your fears, open your heart, and genuinely connect with others.
  • Remove the blocks that keep you from being your most authentic and powerful self.

The Love Factor Inventory (LFI) is scientifically designed to help your clients learn about themselves by identifying psychological and spiritual strengths and weakness. It is an ideal process to share with their partner. Taking the Love Factor Inventory together and discussing their responses can be a very en­riching experience.

The LFI assessment is based upon constructs related to positive, healthy, and mature aspects of human development. The poten­tial of such a measure is to provide a meaningful context to explore and explain healthy functioning which serves the development of deepening and sustaining close interpersonal relationships.

Dimensions Measured:

  • Compassion
  • Friendship
  • Intimacy
  • Masculine/Feminine
  • Primitive Self
  • Psychological Adjustment
  • Romantic Love
  • Self-Respect
  • Sensitivity
  • Spirituality
  • Trust

LFI is about one’s capacity for love. The real depth of your being is tested in everyday life. How you treat and respond to others demonstrates what is in your heart.

The Love Factor Inventory looks at critical issues surrounding one’s ability to sustain long-term relationships and provides essential information for individuals and couples.

Research has shown that those scoring higher on the LFI tend to have more stable and enduring intimate relationships. The LFI is not designed to assess levels of psychopathology or to provide any particular diagnosis. It is an educational tool that can help you to learn more about yourself with regards to relationships.

It is possible to improve one’s skills and enhance one’s ability to develop and sustain meaningful and loving relationships. The LFI is designed to provide information for self-learning and to provide direction for self-improvement.

Value of Professional Certification

  • Get trained to use the LFI by the author and original developer.
  • Fully understand the underlying concepts for each scale.
  • Understand the research behind the development of the LFI.
  • Learn how to best interpret and discuss the results with your clients.
  • Expand your practice with an educational package which includes the LFI and 4-6 sessions to fully review and address the issues identified in the results.
  • Get a 30% professional discount for your client’s purchase price on the LFI.
  • Become part of a professional referral group of the Love Factor Inventory, LLC.
  • Attend free monthly live zoom training for Certified Professionals.
  • Add a specialty to your professional offerings.
  • Get your personal LFI Results discussed with Dr. Mann.
  • Ongoing monthly training seminars.

Training Process

  • Online Zoom training
  • Class Size limited to allow for more discussion.
  • Four Hours broken into two consecutive days.
  • Each participant will receive individual interpretation of her/his LFI results.
  • Learn how to use the LFI website.

Enrollment Process

Enroll and then contact Dr. Mann to discuss your professional needs for your coaching practice. You will receive the dates and times for the next training.  Please contact Dr. Mann with any questions.


Mobile:  310-387-5115

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