Solutions Mastery Apprenticeship ( 12 Weeks )


The Solutions Mastery Apprenticeship is an in depth introduction into HOW to start to become a proficient Solutions Master.  This course will focus heavily on the PROCESS rather than a specific solution.  Before signing up for this course make sure to come to the first session with AT LEAST ONE challenge you want to create solutions for. 

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The course will start with me demonstrating my skills in Solutions Mastery and you will receive at least one immediately actionable solution for the challenge you bring.  Over the duration of the course you will create ever more of the solutions as I become more and more of a guide to help you achieve that.

By the end of the course you will have immediately actionable solution from both of us and a deeper understanding of HOW you can apply your new Solution Mastery to any challenge you have.  

While this is my Apprenticeship level course,  I will take you as far as your ability &  commitment can in 12 weeks.

If at the end of 12 weeks you want more,  you may continue on to become a Solutions Mastery Journeyman at half of its usual cost.  If you STILL want more,  you can then continue onto the Solutions Mastery course at half of its normal price.

Finally,  after completing the Solutions Mastery course, IFF you are a

” Unicorn “,  I may offer you an exceptionally rewarding career as a Solutions Mastery Trainer;-)


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