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Smith,Sherie – Roseville, CA, USA

Coach Type:

Career, Corporate/Organizational, Groups and Teams, Health and Wellness, Personal Growth, Small Business, Startup, excutive

Coach Specialties:

Accountability, Business Acumen, Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership Development, Management, Managing People, Mindfulness, Presentation Skills, Team Effectiveness, Time Management, entreprenuership, vision-direction

Target Audience:

Business Owners, CEO/C-Suite, Entreprenuers, Manager, SVP, VP, VP-EVP


Have you been in sales for years and have hit a plateau? Are you part of a team and feel you are pulling most of the weight? Do you own the business and must do most of the producing? Are you a solopreneur trying to figure your business on your own?
I help my clients reach their individual goals and the goals of organization they represent. I motivative individuals and teams by improving mindsets. I have helped salespeople and sales teams all over the world make more sales.
Specializing in Personal Development – Improving your sales process is crucial to increasing your revenue and closing more sales. My background will help provide insights on how to strengthen your skills.
Team and Sales Trainer – Increase confidence in your TEAM by improving skills, process and closing strategy, overcoming objections & sticking to the benefits will increase everyone’s revenue!
Freeing myself from the corporate world and becoming a solopreneur was exciting, in the beginning. I soon found that I had to do it all alone, I had no community. Have you felt like this? I had the learn how to create my goals, motivate myself, create my own social media pages and figure it out all on my own.
What was my breakthrough? Every High Achiever Needs or has a Coach. So that is what I did, I reached out for support. I found an amazing community; I found a support team and I did not have to do it all by myself any longer.
I have a passion for people and developing them into the best version of themselves. If you are looking for inspiration or need help moving your business forward, sometimes all you need is a shift 1 or 2 degrees to the right or left, I can help you see and make that shift.
I would like to learn more about you and how we can work together to put consistent systems in place to grow you can reach me @ (602)432-5304 or


Blakesley,Patty – Round Lake Beach, IL, USA

Coach Type:

Accountability, Career, Executive (Leadership Development), Motivational, Passion Test facilitator, Small Business, Soft Skills, Startup

Coach Specialties:

Business Acumen, Coaching & Mentoring, Focus/Concentration, Goal Setting, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Development, Life Purpose, Management, Mindfulness, Spiritual Life, health and wellness

Target Audience:

Business Owners, CEO/C-Suite, Entreprenuers, Individual Contributor, Lifelong Learners, Mangement, Seekers


Patty Blakesley, Inner Business Coach, is a practicing martial arts who was awarded her 4th degree black belt by the World Shorin-Ryu Karate Federation in 2019.  An accomplished author and coach, she wants to help everyone act more and fear less. Ready, Set, Gro includes a formula for achieving the life and business of your dreams. Her sessions are guaranteed to help you find your why, your strengths, your purpose and your passions even if you are feeling stuck or unsure.  Her guidance will help you release limiting beliefs, and other obstacles to your growth.  During this pandemic, many of us feel uncertain about what steps to take.  Patty would like you to imagine what you want, assist you to explore your options, to make conscious choices and exciting actions.  Every journey begins with that important first step.  You’ll find that you will walk faster, accomplish more and arrive at your destination sooner when you have support and encouragement.  Reach out to Patty at


Holst,Eric – Phoenix, AZ, USA

Coach Type:

Small Business, Startup

Coach Specialties:

Technology & Internet

Target Audience:



The Coachwares Official Store is the place where we offer products and services for vendors selling on the platform.

These include done-for-you course setup services, on-platform advertising, 1 on 1 custom customer support, Zoom/Vimeo event hosting services and complete course creation services.

These are but a few examples of the products and services that we will be offering on this platform. Please check back regularly to see if we have added any other services.

We are always open for suggestions, simply create a help ticket with your suggestion using our support platform.


Coachwares Team


Lennips,Christine – Hanover, CAN, ON

Coach Type:

Health and Wellness

Coach Specialties:

Coaching & Mentoring

Target Audience:

Business Owners, Entreprenuers, Individual Contributor


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Do you just want to feel better than you do right now?

Often your body is talking to you…but, are you listening or understanding what it is telling you?
I work with you to get at the root cause of your health issues, not just cover up symptoms.

I would love to work with you (and your body) to discover the root cause of your health issues. You don’t want a band-aid or cover up method. You most likely are looking for what is causing your symptoms, that root cause.

I use a variety of modalities to help assess your health needs.  I am here to help!

My motto is:  Helping you look and feel your best everyday, because it’s about you!!!


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